Manufacturing precision - for six decades

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Founded in 1952 by Horst Scholz, SCHOLZ MECHANIK GmbH has been based in the south of Hamburg its entire history. From its beginning it focused on meeting customer demands and the production of high-precision mechanical components. 
First orders come from the nearby “Tempo” plant for components for their famous three-wheel-trucks. Due to high product quality the business expanded quickly and many well known companies, to who good business relationships still exist today, were won as customers.

While initial production was limited to customized parts, expansion into drill bushes and related standard parts was established in the following years. Because of this SCHOLZ MECHANIK was able to supply tool shops as well as mould and die makers with the majority of their required items by end of the 1950s.

In the same decade the potential of the expanding aerospace industry was recognized and the foundation for a successful new business area was built. Since then parts manufactured by SCHOLZ MECHANIK have been found in many aircraft and areas of application, for example cardan joints in the "Atlas" freighter, panic switches for the ejector seat of the "Tornado" fighter or pressure seals in many present Airbus models.

Located in the heart of Europe and in the vicinity of the harbour and airport SCHOLZ MECHANIK soon strengthened export activities and built up a worldwide clientele. Due to rapidly increasing demand a second plant was opened in Uelzen, 85 km south of Hamburg in 1978. In 1990 the Uelzen plant moved to a new and bigger building as capacity had to be increased again.

Growth and steady development of all divisions, the enlargement of production, additional manufacturing methods, and crucially the constant education of the workforce enables SCHOLZ MECHANIK to offer a wide range of high quality services. The company and its 50 highly-skilled employees are amongst the leaders in the field of high precision manufacturing today.