Pipe sealing cord LOCTITE® 55 | SM 1301-2

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LOCTITE ®  55 Pipe-Seal LOCTITE product pipe-seal 55 is a general purpose... more

LOCTITE® 55 Pipe-Seal

LOCTITE product pipe-seal 55 is a general purpose threaded pipe sealant. It is a non-curing coated multifilament thread, which is wound from the dispensing package onto the threads of the pipe. The product is supplied in handy containers, which serve for both storage and dispensing purposes. This product has potable water and gas approval (KTW & DVGW, Germany and BS, Great Britain) and provides instant seal immediately after assembly.

Typical Applications

Sealing threaded components (ISO 7/1) such as pipe couplings and fittings, with either parallel or tapered threads against aqueous and non-aqueous fluids up to a temperature of 130°C. Particularly suitable in situations where threaded assemblies are required to be ready for immediate use and may undergo small readjustment before use. Recommended for use on fittings up to 6” O.D. 

Resistance to cold and hot potable water, hot water, gasoline, natural gas, propane and butane, gas condensates, compressed air and most common industrial fluids

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