2-part Epoxy Adhesive LOCTITE® 3474 | SM 1304 3474

2-part Epoxy Adhesive LOCTITE® 3474 | SM 1304 3474
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2-part Epoxy Adhesive  LOCTITE® 3474 , mineralfilled Metal repair set... more

2-part Epoxy Adhesive LOCTITE® 3474, mineralfilled
Metal repair set

Contents: metal-set 500 g

Superior Metal. Ideal for renewing or protecting surfaces subject to abrasion and harsh environments.
that forms a self-lubricating surface to reduce sliding wear on moving parts.
Steel putty, high wear resistant.
Ideal for repairing metal surfaces under friction.

For to fill and spachtel gaps in metal, wood, stone and ceramic. Can be machined, including thread-cutting and can be painted. The new LOCTITE-Catalog No. are in brackets.


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