Hand Pump | 1306-1 97001

Hand Pump | 1306-1 97001
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Peristaltic Hand Pump  LOCTITE®  97001  Manual, peristaltic, 250 ml... more

Peristaltic Hand Pump LOCTITE® 97001 

Manual, peristaltic, 250 ml volumetric bottle-top hand pump applicator 97001. Mounts easily on any LOCTITE® 250 ml anaerobic bottle. Ensures no leakage, regardless of the orientation of the bottle. Portable dispenser - especially useful for applications where freedom from product feed-lines is desirable. It applies adjustable amounts of threadlockers and retaining compounds, viscosities up to approx. 2,500 mPa·s. It requires no fl ushing, power or air source.

Application: Tools
Properties: hand-guided / hand-dosed, mechanical
Material: Peristaltic hand pump
Application area: for precise dosing of Loctite adhesives, for small series, only for anaerobic adhesives up to 1000 mPas
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