"Crocodile“ clamp |SM 1105

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"Crocodile“ clamp with counterholder, adjustable Material:  steel, tempered and zinc... more

"Crocodile“ clamp with counterholder, adjustable

Material: steel, tempered and zinc plated

With captive compression piece and counter bearing. Specified clamping forces in optimal clamping position (smallest distance from the clamping screw to the clamping point). Clamping forces can vary depending clamping, strength class of the clamping screw and condition of the thread (lubrication).  Use for all clamping tasks over T-grooves and nuten und threaded holes. The compression piece and the counterholder are connected undetachably to the clamping shoe. The clamping plate is equipped with two clamping surfaces and can be easily turned depending on use.

Form A: without stud bolt

Form B: with stud bolt

Material: Stahl
Typ: Mechanische Spannelemente
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