Set of clamping elements | SM 1086

Set of clamping elements | SM 1086
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Set of clamping elements in a  assortment box Material:  wood, steel All... more

Set of clamping elements in a assortment box

Material: wood, steel

All parts heat-treated, grade 8 or 10.

The following items are in the range box indifferent number and size include:

SM 1086-2 - step blocks

SM 1065 - step clamps

SM 1105A - DIN 787 screw for T-bolt

SM 1100 - DIN 6379 locking screw

SM 1135 - DIN 508 nuts for T-bolts

SM 1120 - DIN 6330B hexagonal nuts

SM 1130 - DIN 6319 spherical discs, conical sockets

SM 1105-1 - groove scraper

SM 1106 - spring clamp holders

This set is without low hight clamping jaws SM 1084-2. Included instead are 4 spring type clamp supports SM 1106. With spring type clamp support and thread paste.

All parts can also be obtained individually.

Material: Stahl
Typ: Mechanische Spannelemente
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