Plain bearing EP22® | SM 1004-1

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Plain bearing, Thermoplastic  EP22®  TM Material:  Thermoplast... more

Plain bearing, Thermoplastic EP22® TM

Material: Thermoplast polybutylenterephthalat, modified (PBT + PTFE), white

Form A: bush

Form B: headed bush

High dimension accuracy. Low friction, suitable also for lubrication-free running.

Temperature range -50ºC bis + 170ºC.

Field of aplication: Domestic appliances, chemical equipment, office equipment, sports equipment, automotive etc.

Operating Conditions:

dry : very good

oiled: good

greased: good

water: very good

process fluid: good after resistance testing

Technical data:

surface pressure: max. 50 MPa

sliding speed: max. 1,0 m/s

pv-value for AH / AC = 05: 0,05 MPa x m/s

pv-value for AH / AC = 10: 0,10 MPa x m/s

pv-value for AH / AC = 20: 0,20 MPa x m/s

coefficient of friction: 0,22 bis 0,37 (dry)

shaft surface finish : Ra 0,1 bis 0,5 μm

shaft hardness: > 200 HV

Recommended mounting tolerances:

housing bore H7, recommended shaft tolerance h9.

RoHS-compliant: yes

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