SM 1240 Grub screw

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  • SM1240
Grub screws with thrust point Material:  steel, grade 5.8, thrust point hardened... more

Grub screws with thrust point

Material: steel, grade 5.8, thrust point hardened

The thrust point of these screws DIN 6332 SM 1240 is designed to be used with or without the thrust pad SM 1270 or SM 1270-1 for clamping. The snap ring resp. spring is a simple and quick method to connect the thrust pad to the grub screw. Through the combination of grub screws DIN 6332 with various handles or knobs, simple clamping screws can be created.

Mountage: You must hold the thrust point that the snap ring is sitting in the groove and the open side is looking downstairs. The bolt is to be pushed in by holding it incline as much as possible to the open side of the snap ring.


Material: Stahl
Type of element: Gewindestifte
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