SM 1291-90 Assembly tools

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  • SM1291-90
Assembly tools for self tapping threaded bushes Material:  steel, blackened use... more

Assembly tools for self tapping threaded bushes

Material: steel, blackened

use for SM 1291-50 and SM1291-60:

Typ E: with hexagonal shank and turnable hex bushing

Typ U: with ball bearing and shank accor ding to DIN 3126

use for SM 1291-70 and SM1291-80

Typ B: with high workload ball bearing and shank according to DIN 3126.

Toolsize depends on the internal thread of the insert.

Assembly with Machine Assembly Tools:

• Preliminary work corresponding to that of manual assembly.

• Alignment of the assembly tool to bore. - Screw on the insert.

• Carefully screw in by means of forward feed a few threads.

• Continue the screw-in process without any forward feed until the position of the end face of the insert is just under the surface of the workpiece.

• Back off the screw.

• The end face of the screwed end of the tool separates from the insert, which remains in the desired position in the workpiece.

Type of element: Gewindeeinsätze
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