SM 3050 Levelling foot

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  • 108626
Levelling foot foot:  plastic Technopolymer (Polyamide PA) glass fibre reinforced... more

Levelling foot

foot: plastic Technopolymer (Polyamide PA) glass fibre reinforced temperature resistant up to 100° C black, matt

threaded stud: steel tensile strength 500 N/mm2, zinc plated, blue passivated

hexagon nut: steel , zinc plated, blue passivated

rubber underlay: NBR 70 Shore hardness, black

Form A: without nut, without rubber underlay

Form B: with nut, without rubber underlay

Form C: without nut, with rubber underlay with nut, with rubber underlay

Levelling feet have a slightly stepped base which gives them optically a pleasant and easy to clean shape. The rubber underlay is held by four pins and four drillings respectively. It compensates for any unevenness and renders them slip safe.

Dependent on the application, the load safety factor has to be taken into account so that the permissible load lies below the guide line values specified in the table. We cannot, however, accept any liability for possible damage which could be caused by incorrect use of these levelling feet.


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