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Levelling foot, stainless steel Material:   foot: stainless steel No. 1.4301... more

Levelling foot, stainless steel


foot: stainless steel No. 1.4301 matt shot-blasted

screw:  stainless steel, 1.4305

hexagon nut: ISO 4032, 1.4305

assembly screw.: stainless steel, loctited

plastic cap: Elastomer (TPE) 80 Shore

rubber underlay: (NBR) 70±5 Shore, black vulcanized

RoHS-compliant: yes

Form OS: without rubber cap, with nut

Form KR: with rubber underlay clipped on, with nut

Form GV: with rubber underlay vulkanized, with nut

The levelling feet can be used in some combinations of base plates and adjustable spindle versions.Screw versions M08/M10/M12 with external hexagon SW1. Screw versions M16/M20/M24 with hexagon socket at the top and wrench flat SW2 at the bottom. The base plate with the rubber underlay protects sensitive surfaces and reduces lateral slippage. The levelling feet are supplied fully assembled and are not removable.

Material: Edelstahl, Kunststoff
Type of element: Füße / Räder
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