Oil level sight glass | SM 1910

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Oil level sight glasses Material:   body: aluminium sight glass:... more

Oil level sight glasses


body: aluminium

sight glass: Float-Glas

seal: synthetic rubber NBR (Perb.)

contrast screen: Thermoplast (Polysulfon)

housing: fine turned temperature resistant up to 100° C

Form A: with contrast screen

Form B: without contrast screen

Genuine glass of high stability and scratch proof. The sealing is achieved with an O-ring on the periphery. The seal can therefore not be lost. In addition, this groove prevents the seal from being extruded when the sight glass is tightened. Use of a softer Elastomer which guarantees better and easier sealing. It can be used on pressurised oil tanks and also for applications with subpressure. Tests regarding maximum pressure are available on request.

Fixing nuts for wall thicknesses less than 4 mm see SM 1921.

RoHS-compliant: yes

Material: Aluminium
Type of element: Schaugläser
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