Oil level sight glass | SM 1920

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Oil level sight glass Material:  crystal-clear Polyamid (PA-T) rubber seal:... more

Oil level sight glass

Material: crystal-clear Polyamid (PA-T)

rubber seal: NBR (Perbunan)

contrast screen: aluminium / natural colour, anodized

Form A: with contrast screen

Form B: without contrast screen

Oil level sight glasses are practically indestructible. Even at high torque there is no danger of any breakage. By virtue of the high strength of the basic material the oil viewing hole could be kept relatively thin walled. This Oil level sight glasses can also be used in tanks which are pressurised.

- ageing resistant,

- solvent resistant, but not suitable for alcohol,

- temperature resistant up to 100° C.

RoHS-compliant: yes

Material: Kunststoff
Type of element: Schaugläser
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