Hexagon nut - EN ISO 4035 | SM 1291-122

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Hexagon nut, low type   EN ISO 4035 Material: ST: steel, grade 04, zinc... more

Hexagon nut, low type  EN ISO 4035


ST: steel, grade 04, zinc plated or blackened (only right-hand thread)

NI: stainless steel

RST: right-hand thread steel, zinc plated

LST: left thread steel, zinc plated

RNI: right-hand thread, stainless steel

LNI: left thread, stainless steel

ST: right-hand thread, steel, blackened

The nuts are be used for eye joint links SM 1231 or fork joints with yokes SM 1230.

Material: Edelstahl, Stahl
Type of element: Schrauben / Muttern
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