Lateral spring plunger | SM 1273-7

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Material of ball

Diameter 1


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Lateral spring plunger Material body:  free cutting steel, blackened ball:... more

Lateral spring plunger


body: free cutting steel, blackened

ball: ST - ball-bearing steel, hardened
         NI - stainless steel, hardened
         DE - thermoplastic white (POM)

spring: stainless steel, plastic (PU)

Form A: normal spring load one-sided
               ball from stainless steel = NI  
               ball from thermoplastic = DE 
               temperature range -30° to +50° C

Form B: heavy spring load one-sided
               ball from ball-bearing steel = ST
               temperature range -40° to +80° C

Form C: heavy spring load on both sided
               ball from ball-bearing steel = ST
               temperature range -40° to +80° C

RoHS-compliant: yes

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