Precision adjuster | SM 1270-7

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Diameter 1


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Ball head precision adjuster Material:  ST: steel, surface zinc plated and chromated... more

Ball head precision adjuster

Material: ST: steel, surface zinc plated and chromated / NI: stainless steel

The levelling sets are used for levelling, adjusting and linking operations. Precise installation of two non parallel planes at a required gradient up to α 4° is allowed by the spherical washers. The C-Spanner SM1270-12 allows a stepless and precise setting and locking by the fine thread. A Circlip serves as a height limiter for the maximum height.

Fzus = static net load

Fges = total load

The static net load Fadd is calculable after subtracing the pre-load (bolt strength class 8.8) from the total load Ftot.

RoHS-compliant: yes

Material: Edelstahl, Stahl
Type of element: Niveauregulierung
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