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Spring plunger long Material:   body: free cutting steel, blackened (Form L,... more

Spring plunger long

body: free cutting steel, blackened (Form L, LS)
heat treated steel, tempered, blackened (Form LG)
pin: steel, case-hardened, blackened
spring: stainless steel

Form L: normal spring load, with thread lock = .01
Form LS: increased spring load, with thread lock = .02
Form LG: standard spring load, without locking = .03

Form SD: special screw driver = .04

Use for sheet metal forming tools
and as an ejector, press-on and press-off pin and as a damping element.
The long pressure pin lifts the formed sheet from the mold.
This makes it easier to grasp with a gripper or by hand.
Assembly / disassembly with hexagon socket or slot.
Suitable screwdrivers are available.

standard spring load: no marking
heavy spring load: marked with two lines

RoHS-compliant: yes

Material: Bolt: steel, Steel
Type of element: resilient thrust pieces, Thrust pieces
Surface: Steel - burnished
Special features: with internal hexagon, without head / collar, Without thread locking, With slot, With thread locking
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