Adjustable hand lever | SM 1184

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Diameter 1

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Adjustable hand levers / Clamping levers handle:  plasitc Technopolymer (Polyamide... more

Adjustable hand levers / Clamping levers

handle: plasitc Technopolymer (Polyamide PA)
glass fibre reinforced, temperature resistant up to 130° (chromed handle: 80°)
black-grey, matt, similar to RAL 7021

thread bush: MS: brass NI: 1.4305
mbedded in glass fibre reinforced black plastic

releasing button: plastic, shiny finish
colour of the button:

SG = black-grey RAL 7021

OR = orange RAL 2004

GR = grey RAL 7035

GB = yellow RAL 1021

GN = green RAL 6017

RT = red RAL 3000

BL = blue RAL 5024

CR = handle chrome plated

The gently arched handle with a reinforced end of the lever gives the operator a good grip when resting the thumb on the press button to disengage the serration for readjusting the lever position in either direction.With the lever disengaged the thread insert can also be screwed in with the help of the serration.

RoHS-compliant: yes

Operating Element: Lever
Material: Kunststoff
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