Spoked handwheel | SM 1214

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Spoked handwheel handwheel:  plastic Technopolymer (Polypropylen PP) revolving... more

Spoked handwheel

handwheel: plastic Technopolymer (Polypropylen PP)

revolving handle: plastic black matt

hub bush: steel, blackened

brass threaded bush to accept the revolving handle

handwheel: reinforced, shock-resistant, temperature resistant up to 80° C

natural colour anodized small plate (aluminium,self adhesive)

handwheel and revolving handle: black

Form A: without handle

Form D: with revolving handle

A perfect and fl awless surface and excellent concentricity of the rim are ensured.

Type B: without keyway + bore diameter

Type K: with keyway + bore diameter

RoHS-compliant: yes


Operating Element: Handwheels
Material: Kunststoff
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