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Handwheel with safety handles, aluminium Material:  aluminium, ravity die casting... more

Handwheel with safety handles, aluminium

Material: aluminium, ravity die casting

hub machined

rim turned and polished

retractable handles, plastic (Duroplast) black

Form A: revolving handle, locked

Form R: to the retracted position

Form A: Use for applications, where the handpiece must not protrude.These handwheels have the distinguishing feature that the handle and the retracting mechanism are completely encased within the rim of the wheel.

The handle is pulled out of its taper seating in the direction of the arrow and then tilted. A compression spring locks the handle in both end positions.

Form R: Use for applications where the „handle must not remain in the operating position. In order to bring the handle into the operating position it has to be turned first through 90° to a stopagainst a torsion spring and then it is pushed

against spring pressure into its hold position. By maintaining the forward thrust on the handle the handwheel can easily be rotated. When releasing the handle the springs returns it back to the retracted position.

Type B: without keyway

Type K: with keyway

RoHS-compliant: yes

Operating Element: Handwheels
Material: Aluminium
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