Indexing plunger for screwing on | SM 1273-51

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Diameter 1

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Indexing plunger for screwing on,  plunger pin conical for precision locating... more

Indexing plunger for screwing on, plunger pin conical
for precision locating

steel, blackened
plunger: hardened and ground
knob: black plastic (Polyamide PA), matt finish, not removable

Form B: without rest position
Form C: with rest position, knob is turned 90°

Indexing plungers SM 1273-51, together with guide bushings SM 1002 and SM 1273-55 /
sim. to DIN 172 and SM 1002 or SM 1273-54 / sim. to DIN 179 enable precise positioning.
The bushings are used to guide the plunger pin as well as for the indexing bore.
Larger guide lengths further increase the precision.
Two different plunger pin lengths l1 are available for each indexing plunger diameter d1.
The length l7 is determined by the penetration depth of the plunger pin into the cone of the bushing. The length l8 must ensure that the plunger pin fully disengages, bushing length and plate thickness plus any gap can then be selected within certain margins.
If engaged, the pin must have a minimum remaining stroke of 0,5 mm to make sure that the conical section of the pin is located without clearance in the cone of the guide bushing. For a safe remaining stroke length: l9 = l1 - 0,5 mm.
To accommodate the positioning bushings (outer Ø with tolerance n6), a locating hole
with tolerance H7 is usually provided.

Type C is used for such applications where the plunger has to stay in its retracted position.
To achieve this, the knob is rotated by 90° degrees after being retracted.
A notch keeps the plunger in this position.

RoHS-compliant: yes

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