SM 1195 Tension levers

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  • SM1195
Adjustable flat tensioning levers knob : plastic Duroplast -: steel, screw grade... more

Adjustable flat tensioning levers

knob: plastic Duroplast

-: steel, screw grade 5.8, blackened

NI: 1.4305, matt blasted

bush: grade 5.8

alu-disc natural coloured anodized

ball knob: SM 1265, black shining

Form E: lever bent, 15 °C

Form D: lever straight

Pulling the lever, disengages the serrations and the lever can be swivelled to the ideal clamping position.

The threaded insert is connected with the hub via serrations which can be disengaged.


Operating Element: Lever
Material: Edelstahl, Kunststoff, Stahl
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