SM 1273-79 Pin

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  • SM1273-79
Pin Material:   plunger: stainless steel, 1.4305 pawl: stainless steel, 1.4301... more


Material: plunger: stainless steel, 1.4305

pawl: stainless steel, 1.4301

knob, push button, push rod: stainless steel,1.4305

spring: stainless steel,1.4310

Pressing = unlocking

The rectangular shape of the locking pawls cretaes a linear contact area which gives an increased axial shear strength. The load values given in the above table at shear stress are theoretically obtained and indicative only without taking into account safety factors. It can easily be fitted with the ball chains SM1273-87.


Operating Element: Grips
Material: Edelstahl
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