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Adjustable hand lever / Clamping lever, threaded stud Material:   handle:... more

Adjustable hand lever / Clamping lever, threaded stud


handle: plastic Technopolymer (Polyamide PA)

threaded stud and retaining screw: steel, blackened

handle: glass fibre reinforced, temperature resistant up to 130° C

RoHS-compliant: yes

SW = black-grey, matt

To adjust during clamping, lift lever to disengage clamping device toothing and bring back to start position. Its use is, however, limited to applications where a dismantling of the lever for installation is not required. The threaded insert can after disengagement be screwed in using serration of the insert. Releasing the lever the return spring automatically engages toothing once again.

Operating Element: Lever
Material: Kunststoff
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