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Punch with continuous shank, head 60°   DIN 9861 Teil 1, Form DA Material:  ... more

Punch with continuous shank, head 60° 

DIN 9861 Teil 1, Form DA

HSS: heavy-duty high-speed steel

Form N: Execution DA, normal execution
head hot-upset..
Hardenedand annealed, head hot-upset.
Dia d1 is precision-ground ISO tolerance h6.
According to DIN 9861 DA with permissible thickening d3 under
the head (see drawing and table).
For "Form -"(Quality execution D) see page 82. 

Shaft: HSS, hardened HRc 64±2
Head: HSS, hardened HRc 50±5

For high stress, following materials are available on request:

ASP (powder-metallurgically produced high-speed steel)
HSS-nitrided (titanium nitride coatings)
ASP-nitrided (titanium nitride coatings)
TIN-punch(HSS or ASP with titanium nitride coatings)
TK-punch(HSS with titanium carbonitride coating)
Ferro-Tic (or Ferro-titanite)
Metal carbide (powder-metallurgically produced non-ferrous material)

RoHS-compliant: yes

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