Standard Keyway Broach | SM 8000

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Standard Keyway Broach Material:  HSS, you can use until a hardness of RC30/BR285... more

Standard Keyway Broach

Material: HSS, you can use until a hardness of RC30/BR285 (shims included). For single shims look at SM 8006.

1 = tolerance JS9

2 = tolerance P9

3 = tolerance H9

Tolerance P9 and H9 = +15%.

Standard keyway broaches are ground with a face angle 8°-10°.

Therefor the broaches are suitable to use in different materials as, cast iron, steel, brass and aluminium. No difficult set-up time needed. Broaching of one or hundred keyways is always economical. Because of the easy handling, broching can be done from unskilled people. For difficult materials to cut we can offer special grinded or coated broaches.

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