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SUPERCRAFT Sledge hammer with vibration-reducing Tubular head:  filled with steel shot... more

SUPERCRAFT Sledge hammer with vibration-reducing

Tubular head: filled with steel shot
Handle: Hickory
Impact inserts: Nylon, white

Non-rebound, for extra powerful strikes | Noise-dampening and gentle on the joints | Completely robot-welded | Very safe handle-head-connection due to aluminium wedge and safety pin | Robust powder coating | Inserts made of special nylon with maximum strength | Vibration-dampening, ergonomically shaped, very stable and varnished hickory handle | Handle protection sleeve acts as an overstrike protector | Handle and inserts are replaceable

The tubular head of the SUPERCRAFT mallets is fi lled with steel shot. The resulting effect is that the energy of the steel shot is transferred with a slight delay when the mallet's contact surface hits the workpiece. The reduced rebound allows the impact energy to be absorbed with perfect effi ciency. The result is impact of exceptional magnitude. Working with SUPERCRAFT sledge hammers is much safer, easier on the joints and quieter than with ordinary steel hammers.

Application Areas:
Hall construction, steel construction, exhibition stand construction, concrete formwork, scaffold construction, tent construction, fence construction, driving metal wedges and stakes, straightening work, maintenance work.

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